Peng Lab 
Decoding Epigenetics and Nuclear Mechanics in Living Cells

Pengqin research group is mainly engaged in the research of chromatin living cell imaging and gene expression regulation mechanism, developing imaging tools for the pathogenesis, diagnosis, detection and treatment caused by epigenetic modification related to tumor and other diseases. Combined with the advantages of medical engineering crossover of Shenzhen Bay laboratory, we jointly promote the research work from the aspects of epigenetic regulation mechanism and treatment of tumor. We are committed to looking for assistant researchers, postdoctors and assistant researchers engaged in 1) genomics / epigenetics; 2) optical / living cell imaging; 3) biomechanics; 4) structural biology / Biophysics; 5) synthetic biology and other related research. If you share a similar passion, we are looking forward to working with you!
Please send your application to Dr. Peng at with the following information:
  • A detailed CV with a list of all publications
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