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Chromatin Structure and Epigenetic Dynamics in Live Cells

Welcome Prof. Chunyang Xiong from Peking University to academic exchange!
Posted onDec 08,2020

The research group had the honor to invite Professor Chunyang Xiong from Peking University for academic exchange.

This presentation will first introduce some of the basic concepts of mechanobiology and force medicine as well as our recent research. Some of the research progress, including: using micromachining technology to construct flexible cell biomimetic microenvironment, research on tumor metastasis. Biomedical problems such as migration and stem cell differentiation; Development of quantitative characterization of the physical and mechanical phases of cells and flexible substrates. Traction Force Microscopy was used to develop lymph node Microscopy. Application research on cell activation and drug toxicity test of cardiomyocytes; Development of cell viscoelastic morphology based on dielectrophoresis force. Variable measurement chip (Deformability Cytometry) to achieve non-labeled mechanical typing of cells and probe. Application of cable in disease diagnosis, drug evaluation and other fields.